Junior Rosario Viñals

Inside Joke

Junior Rosario Viñals

República Dominicana


Lleva más de 10 años en el área de la publicidad como Director Creativo. Guionista independiente con los proyectos en preproducción: "El Santo, el Chivo y La Culebra", "Mal de Ojo" y "Nitro". 


Early one morning, at the end of an empty alley way, there’s an old, rusted, white Chevy Impala sitting on cinder blocks. The car trembles as the activity inside it rages on. Blood drips from the bottom of the car behind the back fender. A couple of boys in process of being set free after three years incarcerated for rapping and attempting murder of a 13 year old girl. An abusing warden, and three workers of “Double Barrel Construction Company”, everything mixes in this mystery in which nobody is safe.